So What We Smoke Weed: Cancun’s New Motto?


There’s an article in Bloomberg called, “Legal Weed in Cancun Becomes New Idea for Curbing Violence,” where the Ministry of Tourism is floating the idea of legalizing marijuana in Cancun. With violence from drug wars impacting tourism, Mexico is looking for a solution to curb the drop in travel. Making marijuana legal will not stop the drug war but it will, as the article points out, keep plenty of tourists out of jail and keep tourists from being extorted just because they want a side of grass with their Senor Frog Long Island. The minister acknowledges that travelers bring it, something that I would not advise (see my TPG article, What to Do When Locked Up Abroad). If weed were legal it would change Cancun from the party days of La Boom to a laid-back Anjuna Beach, Goa atmosphere. I’m definitely not down with. 

What about you? You looking to blase in Cancun or do you prefer the meth experience of Coco Bongo?

TPOL Spring Break Cancun 2001. Guess who brought the drugs that year?


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