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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Barclays Departure Card: The Recon Rejection

I had my script and my upbeat positive attitude all ready to go. Another Barclays US Airways offer for 50k American miles was on the line. This would be my fourth. Fellow bloggers have gone for and been approved for their fifth!

The call went like they all do: confirm this, double check that etc. Then after my time on hold the agent came back and delivered the bad news:

I’m sorry we can’t approve you at this time.

Shocked and saddened, I hung up the phone in disbelief.

“At this time”, what did she mean at this time? Doesn’t she know that US Airways is going away for good?

Too distraught I didn’t even bother calling again nor do I think I will.

Barclays Arrival Card? More like Barclays Departure.

Sad day ya’ll.

barclays us airways offer
My world just got smaller. Jerks.




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