Onto the Recon


This year I’ve written about what I’m keeping in my wallet in 2015, my hypothesis that churning is getting easier from a software perspective, and how I felt like Vivian at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel while trying to feed THEbird.

Today I did my baby churn consisting of two cards: the 50k United from Chase and the 50k US Airways from Barclays. These are great offers of which I wish I had an affiliate link. Alas, I’m not one of the chosen ones.

As far as those banks are concerned, the days of instant approval are gone. The quick call to the recon department was delayed till tomorrow because both offices were closed.

All of this had me wondering and wishing for two things as an entitled, lazy points churner:

  1. Why can’t I reload THEbird from home? The theatrics of going to Target could be avoided.
  2. Why don’t the banks have a policy like the cell phone companies that allow me to upgrade my card every few months? The calls to recon are like reading for a Hollywood casting call.

These reasonable requests are just like my prayers for a money tree in my backyard that has yet to blossom.

reconsideration line




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