Beat the Dead Horse: Burn Some AA Miles


Do you know what time it is? Tell me do you know? It’s last call for alcohol and last call for AA bookings. While I have written that booking trips for the sake of booking may not be worth it in some circumstances, if you have any desire to go to Asia, I’d Shut Up and Book! today (or tomorrow). I’ve received many messages that Cathay first isn’t available but if you look hard enough you will come up with a suitable routing that can be changed when availability presents itself. Etihad Apartments from Abu Dhabi may be impossible at this point but perhaps a JFK-AUH route will open up tonight for a flight tomorrow in the event that a random trip to Abu Dhabi fits your schedule.

It isn’t the end of the world that this devaluation is happening but it is very inconvenient if you love going to Asia as I do. (see How to Get to Asia in 2017) Before the clock strikes March 22nd, I managed to get the following bookings which barring becoming a billionaire will make 2017 TPOL’s best year in the air.

  1. JAL Business (PVG-NRT-DFW-EWR) as part of the Tahiti Triumph Trip Report. Cost Today: 55,000. Cost After: 70,000.
  2. Etihad Apartments (AMM-AUH-JFK) as part of the Finally Etihad Apartments Trip Report. Cost Today: 90,000. Cost After: 115,000.
  3. Cathay First for 22.5 hours (JFK-YVR-BKK) as part of the Year of the Monkey Trip Report. Cost Today: 67,500. Cost After: 110,000.
  4. Cathay Business (SYX-HKG-EWR) for the Year of the Monkey return. Cost Today:55,000. Cost After: 70,000.

In total, these reservations cost 267,500-9000 (Citi AA rebate) or 258,500 AA miles versus 365,000 after midnight tomorrow. That’s a difference of 106,500 AAdvantage miles. This devaluation makes me so excited to circumnavigate the states on Allegiant in 2018.

Goodbye douchey selfies on JAL Dreamliner
Goodbye douchey selfies on JAL Dreamliner



  1. No douchy selfies? And you call yourself a travel blogger! You’ll have to hang your head in shame at the snooty blogger convention.

    • i wouldn’t take that gamble because they may not let you switch to the A380 and that’s a lot of miles for a 777 if it doesn’t work out if you had no interest in flying to/from AUH

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