Bidvest Premier Lounge Johannesburg: 3 Hour Time Limit!


The Bidvest Lounge Review Johannesburg is part of the South America & Africa Points Heist Trip Report.

Oh wow, now I see why they restrict access to three hours here. Step aside Emirates First Class Lounge Dubai , there’s a new lounge in town. Actually, don’t. This is just a normal lounge with the typical selection of food and drinks. One thing it does have is extensive seating which makes it confusing as to why access is limited. By the time I got there, it was basically empty. It seems it would make more sense to restrict access to the Priority Pass Smoker’s Lounge where I was forced to go first since it had limited seating. 

The Food
The food was nothing special. I had the rice and curry.

The Bar
There are two bars. One is self serve. The other is not but there wasn’t a bartender behind it. They do offer Remy Martin and Johnnie Walker Black.

The WiFi
What is it with lounges and WiFi? It kept cutting in and out.

Curry and Wi-Fi would’ve been nice.

They can keep me out of this lounge. I’d rather be a smoker.


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