No Deadline for Earning Hyatt Brand Explorer Free Night


Well, wouldn’t you know it? Because I certainly did not. I just called World of Hyatt and fought out that I do not have to meet the 5 different brand requirement before the end of the year to receive a free Cat 1-4 hotel stay. Right now, I’m sitting on 4/5 brands and was tempted to book the Andaz Scottsdale to hit the 5th brand. I now live in Scottsdale so it would have been a pure mattress run. When I saw how much it cost to stay at the Andaz (roughly $200), I questioned if it was worth spending that money today to get a ‘free’ night in the future. Spending cash today for something that expires in the future and provides little value (most Cat 4 hotels are between $200-$300) seemed like a waste.

I started reading the terms of the Brand Explorer program and could not find where it said that the stays had to be completed within the calendar year. I just assumed it did because most program perks operate this way. Instead of relying on my reading comprehension skills, I called customer service. The agent said that I simply had to stay in 5 brands whenever, and I would get my certificate.

For those of you stressing about hitting this mark before the year’s up, stress no more. You have a lifetime to get your certificate. 


A stay at the Andaz Shanghai might be a nice way to complete the brand explorer program


  1. Good to know. I’m in the same boat 4/5 with no stays planned for the remainder of the year. Just like you I assumed this is going to reset and the end of the year, but glad to see I was wrong.

    • @geoff, I dont think the 120 days are right. I talked to a Hyatt rep and just got my 5th brand award and the email states too, that i have one year from the day of earning it.

      For your free night, you can choose from any Category 1-4 Hyatt hotel or resort. The award has already been added to your account. When using your award, the checkout date for your reservation must occur before the award expires. You have one year from issuance to use your award, so you’ve got plenty of time to choose a new destination to explore.

  2. Funny, I called on Saturday to ask. The “promotion” runs until you hit the 5th brand. Then the 10th brand. Only can get the award for 5 brands once per lifetime, and 10th brand once per lifetime (or per life of the World of Hyatt program). I think they would be smart to make it every year, as that way, those people that are actually aware of it (who truly are the only people they want to provide the award to) would always be chasing different brands/stays each year

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