Priority Pass Smoker’s Lounge JNB: Smokers Welcome All Day


The Priority Pass Lounge Review Johannesburg is part of the South America & Africa Points Heist Trip Report.

After my delightful flight from Victoria Falls, I arrived at 3PM in Johannesburg and tried to access the SAA lounge in JNB using my Ethiopian Airlines business class ticket and my SAA ticket stub from my flight to JNB from VFA. I was denied entry. I tried to go to the Bidvest Premier Lounge, part of the Priority Pass network, but was denied entry there as well because my flight was at midnight, and there is a 3 hour time restriction for lounge access. With 9 hours to go, I went to the Priority Pass Smoker’s Lounge, didn’t show them my boarding pass, and was allowed in for as long as I pleased.

The lounge was very small and had terrible WiFi. The food selection was lacking, and the seating was limited. I’m not sure if people come here to satisfy their nicotine fix or start smoking here as a result of being stressed from the lack of productivity. Either way‎, at least I had a place to sit before going back to the other Priority Pass lounge.

Here are the pictures:

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