Blackberry Priv: A Blogger’s Dream


TPOL is going to Tahiti, finally. Before I do, I needed to get a new Blackberry to compliment my Samsung S7 Edge. Blackberry is an indispensable part of my Travel Technology because I need to blog on the go. There’s no way to write a-live posts from a touchscreen and I am not going to sit in my bungalow and type out elaborate posts on my laptop.

With unlimited international 4G data on the Android powered Priv, I can blog from anywhere without having to beg for a Wi-Fi password.

Who still has a Blackberry? TPOL does and loves it.




      • Unlimited 4G international data is huge, I don’t think I ever saw a plan advertise that. Mind if I ask what carrier and how much it costs, understanding it’s an old plan that’s no longer available… I switched over to Google Fi in November and am loving it.

        • Well it was 2009 Atnt. $65 including tax data only though. What’s google Fi? (maybe i should google it)

        • Interesting deal — wonder how who AT&T’s roaming partners are, how well it works in other countries, etc. Google Fi is Google’s MVNO, kind of like Boost Mobile, Cricket, etc. Except Google Fi is only available for the Google Nexus line of android phones (Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, and Nexus 5X) because it merges Sprint+T-Mobile when in the states, connecting to whichever carrier has the best signal strength where you are. It piggybacks off of T-Mobile’s international roaming agreements and gives 256kbps data in 120 different countries at no extra charge, plenty fast to use Google maps and read blogs, but probably not good enough to stream HD video on Youtube. Base monthly payment is $20 for unlimited calls and unlimited international texting. Data (regardless if it is 4G in the states or 256kbps international) is $10/1GB of data. It has worked almost flawlessly for me in Mexico, England, and Italy so far. It’s nice to be able to text back home for free while traveling and not have to pay anything more for data than I would if I were at home.

        • oh damn, wow. that’s actually really good. i wish i had the calling feature on my phone but you can’t have it all i guess. i used to stream michigan football games on 3G with my slingbox in shanghai at the bar at 12am lol, very handy

  1. Google Fi is also available as a data only SIM. It only is $10 per 1gb still but you can use it in any smartphone or tablet. That is what I use in my iPhone on the go.
    But, it has to be tied to a full Google Fi account (meaning the base $20 per month). That account can add up to 10 data only sims and it only charges when the data is used.
    I have stopped using the Google Nexus phone since I got the Data only sim but many people report receiving 4G on the phone in countries around the world. Finally, you can tether with the Google Nexus phones.
    I love Google Fi for my travels!

    • where have i been with this? i guess my blackberry is why i never looked into this option. I still think it’s the best because it is unlimited but this is a great alternative.

  2. I switched to a $329 Chromebook for serious writing (Toshiba Chromebook 2015) and that’s much better than any smartphone for half the price, better battery life and not much more inconvenience.

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