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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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M Life Customer Service: Like Searching for a Casino Exit

TPOL is looking to book a hotel in Vegas for next week’s Freddie awards. I asked you, the reader, to come golf with me but it appears everyone is too afraid. I also believe that the customer service at M life platinum line must also be afraid because it has been three hours since I was promised a call back and so far there has been no communication.

When I called yesterday, I was offered a rate and was told there was no urgency in booking. Today I called and they said that rate is no longer available and questioned why I didn’t book it when I had the chance. That’s a good question.

The agent continued to pester me by asking if I remembered who I spoke to when I called in. My response was, “Do you remember who you spoke to twenty minutes ago?” Usually, I’m more calm and collected but today was tax day so I was in no mood.

My real issue with the customer service is how I have to call each hotel directly to speak with someone regarding platinum benefits. When I call central reservations, I am offered the standard room rate which were pretty obscene given that I am not staying for the weekend. In order to get the platinum rate you have to call directly, be placed on hold indefinitely, and hope that the rate you want to book is still available.

Much like searching for an exit or a clock in a casino, my experience booking a room with M life had me going in circles.

Going in circles
Going in circles


  1. I’m too afraid because my wife won’t let me. Okay, okay I don’t play golf either, which doesn’t help. And I’ll be in Atlanta. Seriously, though, why Mlife? I used to stay on the strip until I discovered Freemont street. Now I stay at the Golden Nugget. It’s a lot more pleasant to not have a 30 minute walk to go from the Paris across the street to the Bellagio. A little less Disneyesque.

    • The mlife platinum rates were (no longer are) ridiculous. Saying $90 all in for two nights. I was figuring if i wanted to do luxor (to relive my Egypt days) or splurge for aria but now who knows. May’be Ill do SLS SPG style

      • Just 90 bucks all in? That’s an amazing deal, particularly with the hated resort fees. Even though I normally just visit the strip for a show, I might be tempted, too.

  2. What’s wrong with the customer service here ? They offered you a rate and you decided not to book. What agent would ever be able to guarantee a rate of you don’t book. You assumed risk even if the agent soda no urgency. Waste of time reading this stuff. Honoring rates that no longer exist wouldn’t be good customer service. That would be dumb business

  3. Wait until you have to contact MLife for a missing stay request with a problem for the posting to Hyatt. Months of emails and lots of frustration.

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