Captain Obvious: No Domestic Routing Changes Post AA Deval


How bad are the Captain Obvious commercials from How much has TPOL been complaining the last few days? Here’s some more of both:

I booked JAL from PVG-NRT-DFW-EWR under the old AA prices. Today I wanted to change the DFW-EWR segment to DTW. I knew the change fee of $150 was coming but I was hoping that they would not actually enforce the new award price by charging an additional 20,000 points for a domestic change.

In this post deval world, the dates can be changed but the routing cannot. My lawyerly argument was that the spirit of the rule was to increase the cost of the international segment. I tried to explain that DFW-EWR or DFW-DTW is basically the same route. Much like M life, AA wasn’t buying what TPOL was selling.

Can you imagine paying 20k more to change the useless last leg of an award ticket? I think I’ll just fly SWA from NYC instead.

Maybe tomorrow I will have less complaining. Maybe not. At least I don’t have to pay the $150 change fee.

Update: WTF, really AA? How does your policy make any semblance of sense?




  1. You’re Changing origin / destination, not the routing. No way they’d let that fly. Change in O&D always requires a reticket / reprice.

    But yeah – ditch at DFW. Be careful if double-booking on AA. That could be a red flag leading to cancelation.

    • Ah good point about the double booking but what if I were to tell you that dreams do take flight…On the next ESPN 30 for 30, TPOL gets AA to change his ticket to Detroit without changing the post deval miles….Post to follow.

      • Nice work!

        Assuming it was a case of agent roulette, or something. I tried multiple calls last week to get a HKG-JFK-DCA flight in CX J changed to CX F at the pre-deval levels for a flight a few days ago. No dice… and not even close.

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