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Do you hate your job? Do you hate your cubicle? Do you wonder how you can ever break free?

Well wonder no more. Today only, if you guess where the following picture was taken with some level of accuracy, I will send you a free copy of my book Everyone’s Advice Is Wrong so long as you make a good faith effort to write a review, good or bad, when you complete it on Amazon.

Yesterday’s contest featured some interesting guessing techniques and today’s also has no rules.

Here is an excerpt from one of the ten steps that must be completed to take you from your cubicle to the Caymans:

Step 2: Make Tuesday Hump Day

Transitioning from the metaphorical chokehold of the cubicle to a life of purpose can be a daunting task. Most of us are just trying to get through the workweek, praying that one day, one of our entrepreneurial seeds will germinate. This passive strategy is not enough. Changes, no matter how small, must be made to our current routine because waiting for a better life to show up while our best years pass us by is not an option.

A novel concept of my own creation is to move Hump Day, the day obstructing us from our weekend, from Wednesday to Tuesday. This revolutionary idea really annoyed my coworkers. I would come in to work on Tuesday saying, “Oh, today is Hump Day—the weekend is right around the corner.” They would angrily protest, “Wednesday is Hump Day!” and that I could not arbitrarily change it to Tuesday. Complain as they might, I was happy on Wednesday because I had mentally overcome another workweek.

Flint, Michigan
Is this Flint, Michigan?


  1. Thanks to Boarding Area, I am just discovering your blog. Having a lot of fun going back through your posts. I’ve been reading so many posts about credit card offers here, I’d forgotten what good writing could be. Thanks for the refresher! Thanks also for the interesting twists and unique perspectives on travel and life. If it’s true to form, I’ll read/review your book.

  2. Your book certainly sounds interesting. But the photo looks like Seychelles, or I agree it could be the Maldives. Either way it’s somewhere I want to go!

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