Breaking News: My New Home!


Yesterday I posted the breaking news that I was moving. Here were the responses:

  • Jokester Friend
    • And right as you approach the peak tourist season in UB.
  • Concerned Friend
    • What happened!
  • Normal Friends
    • I’m not surprised at all.
    • You got fired again?!??
  • Mom
    • Come home, we are used to it.

Quite the referendum of whom people think I am judging by these visceral reactions.

In fact, I’m not leaving Mongolia at all.The move was in reference to ThePointsOfLife’s migration to the server and redesign of the site. Sorry to disappoint the naysayers. (I’m looking at you Mr. World Traveler Lee Abbamonte and Mr. Keller.)

You will notice that the site is much more organized with a top menu bar providing crisp, clean access to:

These pages come together nicely in one overall directory called The Country Count List which is a one-stop shop providing readers everything they need to know about how to travel for free and what to do when they get there. Nowhere else on the web is there such a well organized, extensive list.

Besides that, you will notice that the featured images are a lot bigger and the beautiful new ads posted on the right hand side.

So no I’m not leaving Mongolia (yet) but it was amusing that the subject of my move fooled every once again.

Seriously who’d want to leave this behind?

Sunny everyday!



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