You Broke My Heart, Blackberry. You Broke My Heart.


Terrible news in the world today as my favorite piece of technology declared its own death with the headline that it will no longer make phones with keyboards. This is undoubtedly the end of the road for Blackberry as no one is going to by their antiquated phones ever again. I can’t understand why they would eliminate their only unique selling proposition and believe that they can take on Android or iPhone head on.

I use my Blackberry to blog on the go, to write emails, and to draw attention to myself. The joke, “Is that a Blackberry, I didn’t know they still made those,” never gets old. Now what will Mitt Romney, Kim Kardashian, and I do when we have a groundbreaking article to post? Use my touchscreen Samsung S7 Edge to write articles with the disclaimer that auto correct errors should be expected? Say it ain’t so.

In six months I predict that Blackberry will have a fire sale and this will finally be the end of what has been a painful and predictable decline. (see TPOL’s Letter to Blackbery Warning Them of Their Impending Doom circa 2010)

You broke my heart, Blackberry. You broke my heart!

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  1. Device sales are a small fraction of their sales. Their big asset is their security, thus their purchase of Good and the expanse of their BB app. The device is dead, but Blackberry is the strongest they’ve been in years.

  2. Society has been brainwashed to believe Apple and Android are great. Only those that know quality over substance realize that Blackberry makes secure, reliable products that last a life time. Why else do you see and hear people around the world still using an old Blackberry devices? Because they last longer than I have ever seen an Apple or Android phone.
    Security, patents, and diversification will create a stronger, more prominent Blackberry in our future society. I will always continue to use Blackberry for it’s quality, reliability, security, and design.

  3. The Blackberry Prive is their newest phone, android based with a keyboard. This phone will still be in service. The information in this blog is incorrect as not all the keyboard phones are leaving, only the classic ones.

  4. The blog post correct. If you read the blog you would know that the priv isn’t a blackberry according to at&t. And without BlackBerry Hub and OS it’s just another android.

  5. I have my BB Classic for about a year and a few months. I love it like my own child.(no exaggeration!)
    Since a few months ago, whatsapp is popping the message saying it wun work on this phone after December 2016. I died in place. BlackBerry really broke my heart…… always proud to have my Classic in hand even when all of my friends treated like a freak as I use this phone. My silent smile was always my answer. But, now, I have to change to a new phone(i phone may be), yet, will never let go of my BBClassic….. RIP BlackBerry phones……..

  6. I’ve been living in denial since I got the whats app notification. What to do now? Am i supposed to chat with a touchscreen? I don’t know to type on those damn things. The world is coming to an end.

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