Delta Gold *2 + AMEX MB Plat=Success


The fears of how I will go anywhere on points in 2017 started to set in after I returned from Tahiti. Chase is not showing TPOL any love and Bank of America is doing the same. Add in devaluations and it looked like I was going to be spending my vacations in Orlando if I didn’t get my life together. I ignored post after post after post from bloggers about the Delta offers because 1)it’s Delta and 2)I thought I all the Delta cards before. After a quick chat with Amex customer service, I found out that I had never had the Delta Gold personal or business. I applied for both and was approved. That’s 100k Sky whatever you want to call them with no annual fee for a nominal minimum spend.

Last week, I even snuck in an app for the 75k Amex Platinum Mercedes-Benz offer. Historically, Mercedes has always been my favorite automobile so why not get the matching card? Perhaps the car will follow soon thereafter.

While the days of the app-orgasma may be over, it’s nice to see that there are still some opportunities left out there.

Did you get sucked into the blogger’s inundation of Delta ads? Should I have my own referral links so I can get paid? Are these questions worth adding at the end of posts?

Amex MB comes with a complimentary SL 550
Amex MB comes with a complimentary SL 550

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