Friday, January 27, 2023

Guns & Butter: Naples Travel Guide

I allotted three nights of my Round The Atlantic Tour for Naples, giving me, what I hoped, was enough time to formulate my own opinion about a city I was told to skip. When I travel, I don't do any homework before I go.

Guns & Butter: Sicily Travel Guide

Looking to see and do everything in Sicily in 4 nights? Look no further. The cities I visited in Sicily were Palermo, Catania, and Syracuse.

Guns & Butter: Kota Kinabalu Travel Guide

TPOL has a travel philosophy whereby I do not stay in a country for more than four days but will stay for a minimum of three. Too little time and I can't see anything. Too much time and I do even less because I become complacent. Generally, this approach works.

Guns & Butter: Cartagena Travel Guide

Unlike my Grand Cayman Travel Guide, the Cartagena Travel Guide is more difficult to write for two reasons: 1) There is so much to do in Cartagena 2) Both times I went to Colombia, Aguardiente played a pivotal role in derailing my plans.
liberia costa rica

Guns & Butter: Liberia Travel Guide

This is the debut of my Travel Guide section where I answer the first question muttered once you are forced out of the Lounge, get spoiled on the Flight, and make it to your...

Guns & Butter: Chiang Rai Travel Guide

Congrats on surviving Bangkok. Come see the softer side of Thailand by going, as we Michiganders would say, "Up north." Here is the Chiang Rai Travel Guide.

Guns & Butter: A Better Way to Travel

The definition of economics is the allocation of scarce resources to satisfy unlimited wants. Despite a bachelors in economics from the University of Michigan, I still fight this principle by trying to do too...

Guns & Butter: Helsinki Travel Guide

This is part of the Trip Report Welcome to the Cold where I went from NYC to: Helsinki, Finland Stockholm, Sweden Riga, Latvia Istanbul, Turkey Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia If you’re just tuning in now be sure to read how I ended up...

Guns & Butter: Cairo Travel Guide

"I come to see Bheramids, "I said in my Iraqi accent hoping to get a good deal on the tour. That's the most fitting way to begin my Cairo Travel Guide because everything in Cairo is based on your ability to negotiate. In turn, it will be the most laborious part of your Egypt experience. If you fancy yourself a street hustler or if you deem yourself to be a great attorney, please visit Cairo to get a real lesson in contract law.

Guns & Butter: Rio de Janeiro Travel Guide

This is a special edition of the Travel Guide as it commemorates one the most fantastic travel experiences, Rio de Janeiro Carnival. (Carnaval en Português) Though the experience was different, the formula for what to do...
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