Friday, August 19, 2022

EasyJet: Know Before You Go

EasyJet is not Southwest Airlines. It is more like Allegiant because you should 'expect everything, carry nothing'. I was looking for a cheap option to get from London to Athens after fog forced me to miss my flight to Poland. I had heard the horror stories of Ryanair and opted for Easyjet instead.

No. 1 Lounge Gatwick: The James Bond Review

No. 1 Lounge Gatwick is part of the Priority Pass Lounge network. The queue to get in gave the false impression that it would be an overcrowded, underwhelming lounge. That was not the case.

National Express: Bus From Heathrow to Gatwick

Not a lot of entertainment in this part of the Trip Report but some useful information that I wish I would've known ahead of time that may be of benefit to you if you are flying into Heathrow and out of another London airport. Nothing is as stressful as arriving in one terminal and being forced to depart from another.

Virgin Atlantic Revivals Lounge LHR: Call Me George Jetson

In the future we will cross the Atlantic on a flying machine, arrive before the start of the business day, and treat ourselves to an a la carte meal before heading to the office.

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class DTW-LHR: Party in the Sky

Everything about Virgin Atlantic Upper class is a party. In fact, it was my favorite flight I've ever taken not because it was Emirates, Singapore, or Cathay quality, but because the passengers and cabin crew were like Janice in Account, they just don't give a F*ck. And that's a good thing.

Delta Sky Club Detroit Metro: This Again?

Am I crazy? Wasn't I just here? The Delta Sky Lounge at Detro Metro Airport is exactly like the one in Minneapolis. This one boasts a grand entrance with a front desk that makes you think you are checking into the Waldorf. Instead, after taking the escalator up one level, you find yourself back in the mediocrity that is the Delta Sky Lounge.

Sheraton Detroit Metro Airport: The Best in the Business

PG has the market cornered for airport hotels for Detroit Metro. The Westin is sensational and is connected to the Delta terminal. However, the price can exceed $200 a night or 5000 SPG points + $75. The alternative is to pay around $100 or 2000 SPG points + $35 for the Sheraton.

The Park Hyatt Toronto: Sadly Disappointing

One of two things must be true: 1) I am getting spoiled in my old points age. 2) The Park Hyatt brand is so strong that it is easy to spot an impostor.I'm going to go with number two though I will let you decide if you agree with me by comparing the Park Hyatt Toronto with the following...

Delta Sky Club Minneapolis: Serve Yourself

"Where is the bar?" I asked the check-in hostess. She directed me to go to the back of the lounge where to my surprise I found two things: 1) A decent selection of alcoholic beverages 2) no bartender. I was expecting more from this lounge because Minneapolis is a hub for Delta. Compared to the Atlanta Sky Lounge which is one of the best lounges I have visited, this one was average.

Motel 6 Billings, Montana: Where Filth Is Acceptable

I thought the days of flea bag motels were over, at least in the United States. I had the displeasure of staying at the Motel 6 in Billings, Montana for a few hours prior to my flight to Minneapolis. Before I get into how disgusting this hotel is and what a scam it is to charge more than $10 for this pile of garbage, let me share with you the arduous journey of leaving Montana to get to London.
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