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Alaska Board Room Seattle Lounge Review: Water On Tap

Before I commence with the Alaska Board Room Seattle Lounge Review, I have to point out that this is the end of the Trip Report Athens Marathon: The Original Course. What a journey! Here are the cities that were covered:

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There was no bottled water in Los Angeles and there’s no bottled water in Seattle either. I guess that’s Alaska Airlines’ policy for its Board Room. Instead of focusing on that again, I would like to focus on what a great job Alaska did with these two lounges compared to the some of the United Lounges I’ve visited like the one in IAD airport. This lounge in particular was well lit, bright, and crisp. Huge TVs hang from the walls, everything is always kept clean, and the bar is a great focal point. I’m not sure why other domestic carriers don’t take notice of Alaska Board Rooms and try to improve. Here are the pictures:

2015-11-18 06.54.12
Alaska Board Room Seattle
2015-11-18 06.36.30
Modern lounge
2015-11-18 06.36.20
Plenty of seating
2015-11-18 06.36.04
Great beer on tap
2015-11-18 06.35.47
Huge bar
2015-11-18 06.35.29
Over-the-top coffee offering
2015-11-18 06.34.59
Clean and organized
2015-11-18 06.34.50
Tap water must be ordered at the bar
2015-11-18 06.34.45
Tony Romo did not save the Cowboys season lol

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  1. I am not sure your broad brush of AS BR’s as “They are always well lit, bright, and crisp” the only real BR that is represented is the satellite club room that took forever to open at the N gates in SEA. The balance are the old model, darker, wood most badly in need of a refresh. In defense of AS there are new clubs planned for SEA and PDX years off but never the less planned. LAX is a dump, not well laid out, crowded most of the time now due to the increased traffic. SAN is still waiting for AS to get with it and open the old UA club room. If one looks around the terminal it’s packed with passengers on AS yet they say it’s not economically viable, oh well I will stick to running my company and not an airline !!!

    • You are right. I can’t use always when I’ve only been to two of them, but I kept picturing the DC United Lounge which was dark and gloomy. Let me change my post to make it more accurate. Thanks for the comment.

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