Citi AAdvantage Gold Approved!


Okay, so it’s not the Chase Sapphire Reserve, yaddah yaddah yaddah. But I am sharing the news of my Gold approval for two reasons: 1)It marks the beginning of the end of the good days with Citi. I just got approved for the Citi Exec for 60k miles and the top off from this card will give me another 25k miles. With the SPG transfer bonus offer where I received 30k for transferring 20k, I am back in business with AA (at least for one more flight). Now I can’t apply for another Citi AA card or Hilton card for 2 years because of their new policy. 2) I didn’t even call recon. I’m in Colombia right now and couldn’t be bothered to deal with it. This is the first time for a Citi app that I’ve controlled my impulse and let it go.

Did you get any last second cards from Citi? Are you also on vacation not calling recon?

Too cool in Cartagena to call Citi
Too hot in Cartagena to call Citi


  1. *2 yrs from open or cancel date right? I’m in the same boat and just got the same card. Will be the last Citi aa card in eligible for. Perhaps Citi Barclays will be an option but who knows at this point…

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