Leave Your Lover Behind? What If She’s Bad at Recon


I just got approved for the Citi AAdvantage Gold and Citi Exec. Even with my Chase Sapphire Reserve rejection, my UR balance is strong enough to weather the storm and avoid riding peasant class.

Ms TPOL on the other hand is hated by Citi and Chase alike. She also refuses to call recon and when she does so, she doesn’t follow TPOL’s script for a perfect recon call. Now her points balances are running on fumes and our 2017 plans are looking a little dicey. If I took this conundrum to King Solomon, I believe I would prevail. Her best argument (though she would never ask it of me) would be to split the baby i.e., we both ride in coach. My argument would be that I love points so much that I would rather redeem for a first class ticket than see them put to poor use. Unlike the biblical story, I would be the one who gets to keep the points.

As a points professional, I have lent her points of my own so that she could experience the joys of the fake good life. I use the word lent because I keep a running tab of her indebtedness to me. She’s always been able to make good on repaying me by getting approved for cards (lest I bust her kneecaps). At the same time, it’s always been a joke (that only I find funny) that I’m actually expecting repayment.

In all seriousness, during the good days with MS and endless churning, I never cared about running out of points so I gave freely. Now, the walls are closing in on all of us and I’m getting nervous about keeping up this points facade.

What would you do? Share the points and go back to the back of the plane? Use low-cost carriers and your reserve of JetBlue & SWA to go to decent destinations while you wait for the economy to soften and the banks to overturn their silly rules? Show tough love like Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and send her pics while sipping on champagne, in first?

Hustle harder or take the bus!
Hustle harder or take the bus!


  1. Take one less trip and purchase the second ticket next year. Sucks to have to buy any but I can tell you with a family of 4 it’s rare I can find enough points tickets on one plane and the principal is the same I guess. Or leave her in the back of the bus….. But be prepared for the couch once you get home…. The ultimate coach/economy class… 🙂

  2. Convince her if she calls and gets approved you take her shopping or to the spa. $200 on the spa = 50k plus points. Totally worth it.

  3. I’ve been churning for about 3 years now and it’s my 1st time visiting this site, I love this article btw. My fiance` and I went through the same thing so now it’s keep up or I will visit you from the front of the plane :).

    s/n how do I subscribe to your mailer? I didn’t see it on the page.

    • hahah yes! i agree.

      Been doing this for a bit over 2 years, I think it’s time to set up a mailing list. I’ll let you know when I get it done. Thanks.

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