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Friday, July 19, 2024
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There’s Such A Thing as Too Much Aguardiente

Welcome back from Colombia. Medellin and Cartagena were great but this will not be a happy tale of pina coladas and chicas bonitas. This is a sobering tale of what can happen when you drink too much Aguardiente and find that your phone and dignity have gone missing. Thankfully the fine folks at SPG pieced Humpty Dumpty back together again so all is well.

A friend of mine who accompanies me on many of my trips has a strange habit of getting destroyed the day of arrival. Out of excitement, he can’t handle that he’s overseas for weeks of what will be a great time. The second day he is more tempered. And by the third he barely drinks. The problem is the first day which is a true roll of the dice. Will we be happy and sing songs of good times or will one of us go missing and barely be upright for breakfast?

The same was true for Medellin. The city has a Scottsdale meets LKF feel where everyone is in a festive mood and the universal word is shot! The Spanish response should be no mas but unfortunately for me it was una mas.

Hydrated, I am happy to be at the Centurion Lounge in MIA, perusing the bar for its collection of libations.

Next stop Russia!

So predictable it’s not even clever




  1. where do i send my bill?

    “The city has a Scottsdale means LKF feel where everyone is a festive mood and the universal word is shot!”

    russia can get ugly. but vodka makes everything beautiful.

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