Citi Exec Approved: Is It Worth $450?


June I couldn’t post because the site was under construction. July was my best month ever. August I’m in no man’s land with no wi-fi. August is also significant because it is the last month to apply for Citi cards under the old rules. According to Doctor of Credit, the one card per brand kicks in August 28th.

Today I applied for the Citi AA Exec, a card which used to have a 100k sign up bonus. That was during the glory days of the Vanilla Reload. The current offer is 60k after 5k spend with an annual fee of $450. The question is whether it is worth it. The short answer is no. The standard Citi AA card offered 50k miles with no annual fee. That’s clearly a better value.

So why did I apply? Because the long answer is yes. First, I’m not eligible to apply for the standard Citi AA card. Second, when the new rule is enforced, I will have to wait two years to apply for any AA card. Finally, I’m almost out of AA miles. This bonus would at least get me one more first class flight (one way, thanks deval) That makes up for the fee or so I tell myself.

By staying true to the churn and burn philosophy I’ve ended up in a precarious points position. Chase won’t give me any more cards. Amex is one and done. And now Citi has put the brakes on churn train. Where do I run to?

Those Capital One Venture Miles sure are looking good right now.

Good day from the land of no wi-fi and no points. Winter is coming.




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