I Hate Mother Nature (And Citi)


Good morning from God’s country or so the locals like to call it. I’m taking a break from big city living to hike, ride horses, and fish.

All of those are lies. I’m out here in the Big Sky state to golf. Inspired by a fellow Wolverine Michael Phelps, I decided to enter my first golf tournament which takes place this weekend.

The reason I’ve been absent and the reason I have disdain from Mother Nature is because my T-Mobile service is spotty (at least it works, Sprint did not) and the Wi-Fi doesn’t arrive for ‘another week or two’. The company has one installation guy in total. It’s like My Cousin Vinny when the entire town’s dry cleaners were out sick. (this town doesn’t have dry cleaners either)

The coffee shop is thirty minutes away so I’m in blogger hell writing from my BlackBerry and Samsung depending on which device gets better service.  (the former is with AT&T)

Until I get real data, I can’t write my overdue Tahiti reviews because pics are impossible to upload.

In a way, it’s rather fitting that my blogging has been put on hold. Today I read that Citi is killing the points game with their draconian rules. Essentially no churning for two years since a card was open. And only one personal AA card every two years. One! Let’s see what Barclay’s AA offers are like.

First easy MS goes out the window and now it seems that churning has too. The pivot has to be to bonus categories, retention offers, begging, complaining, and perhaps reselling– something I’ve tried to avoid.

Otherwise it’s time to get more intimate with nature since I will soon be running out of points (and posts).

Oh nature
Oh nature



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