Out of Context? My CNN Interview


From China to Costa Rica, positive messages have been pouring in from friends around the world who saw my CNN Business Traveller Interview. Hate rhetoric has also reared its ugly head as chronic MSers think TPOL is a snitch thanks to diagram that I didn’t create. I tried to explain my side but alas it’s pointless. The angry Internet mob cannot be pacified.

Today, I find myself slightly peeved because the article that supplements the interview contains a glaring inaccuracy. It reads as follows: “But as those minimum spends are far higher than the average person’s daily expenses, Bachuwa racks in the points through ‘manufactured spending.'”

I never said anything even close to this. I only commented on how MS is a frowned upon practice and how banks specifically use terms that outlaw this behavior. (see my guest post on Frequent Miler: Thou Shalt Not Manufacture Spend) Indeed, I have written articles on how I quit MS including End of MS Means Get Your Life Together and another that is a bit more explicit, I’m Done with Manufactured Spending which I wrote last November.

The takeaway from the interview that I wanted was for viewers to know that points make it possible and that Living Doesn’t Have to Suck. If they want to learn about MS then they should look elsewhere as I, like Carlito Brigante, am out of that game.

Ah well, I still loved the experience. Next stop AC 360.



  1. You didn’t get them to agree to let you look at the final cut/article before it was released? And you’re providing legal advice on FM?

  2. Eh I don’t really blame you for doing whatever you can to take your hustle to the next level. It’s not like your pho noodle reviews were going to take you anywhere. Take advantage of any and all opportunities man. Ignore the haters!

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