Romney, TPOL, Quest, Kardashian: One Thing In Common


You wouldn’t think that such an eclectic group has anything in common. You would be wrong. Mitt Romney, Richard Quest, Kim Kardashian, and I are all in mourning today as it was announced that Blackberry will no longer be making phones of any kind. As devout Blackberry users, I speak for all of us when I say that we are crushed.

Recently, we learned that Blackberry won’t be making phones with keyboards which was devastating. Now, they are completely exiting the game. This will make AT&T very happy as they will try to kick me off of my unlimited international 4G data plan. Of course, I won’t go down without a fight and will consider filing an arbitration claim should they choose to be unfair to this loyal consumer.

In my infinite wisdom, I saw this coming seven years ago and even wrote a letter to Blackberry advising them to change their strategy. They didn’t listen. Now they are toast. What a tragedy.

End of the Road for Us Blackberry Users

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