Darwin to Melbourne: Burn Those Avios!


Qantas Darwin to Melbourne is part of the TPOL Down Under Trip Report.

How do you measure the value of Avios? Most will assign a dollar value of 1.5 cents. From Sydney to Darwin, I flew business for 20k Avios and took advantage of the never-ending shiraz. From Darwin to ‎Melbourne, business was not available forcing me to fly Peasant Class for 10k Avios. Since I was not wise enough to download the Qantas App before take off and since there was no WiFi on board, I had to entertain myself by the only way possible : drinking.

Like most US carriers, Qantas charges for alcohol in peasant class. It costs $5.50 for a baby bottle of wine which is good for two glasses. Not factoring in comfort, service, and slightly better food, I would have to order 29 bottles of wine to justify the 10k additional Avios required to fly business. While that may not be feasible to consume during a 4hr 15 minute flight, I still think it’s worth burning Avios for business because of devaluations and because there are so many Avios transfer partners and bonuses.

What about you? How long does a flight have to be for you to double up your Avios for business?

Good wine
Decent pasta
Best ice cream



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