Espresso of the World


My next book set for publication is entitled The World Press. The World Press is my personal collection of cups of espresso I’ve enjoyed around the world and the stories that accompany them. Each story begins with the literal image of the cup and is further illustrated by the metaphorical cup of the accompanying culture.

From a social perspective, the press is unique: First, the same beverage is shared all over the world. Second, it is shared and consumed in similar ways, with slight cultural/regional variations. And third, the topics discussed over caffeinated cups are the same: politics, weather, religion.

As I learned from writing my first book, it’s not the writing process that is difficult, but the editing and marketing that pose the biggest challenges. In order to move the project forward, I am publishing an entry for each city. That way I can create a buzz (pun intended) and get a kick-start on the revising process.

So pour a cup of java, click a country, and let’s get on with the journey!







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