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Friday, July 19, 2024
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The Failing NYT Didn’t Hire TPOL: Sad!

Lil Marco, Lyin Ted, Crooked Hillary: hearing those nicknames enough times makes it difficult not to use the accompanying adjective with the proper noun. The same is true about the ‘failing’ NYT which made a terrible decision in not selecting let alone interviewing TPOL for the thankless task of traveling to 52 cities around the world in 52 weeks. (For those didn’t read about the job opening, here is an article describing the Willy Wonka contest. Here are the 52 cities in the NYT list.)

The winner is qualified. I have no problem with the selection. I hoped that I would get an interview. I expected at least to get a boilerplate rejection email like I used to when I applied for law jobs.

“Dear TPOL, you are smart, brilliant, and witty. You are fantastic. Unfortunately, there were other applicants that were better than you. We wish you mediocre success with your peasant blog. Keep checking our jobs board for further opportunities with our failing newspaper.”



Any TPOL readers apply and also think they had a chance?

a man in a suit holding a blue and purple circle
Man, I feel just like a rockstar


  1. Obviously they heard about rigged elections and your connections with Vladimir Putin and were scared off by Robert Mueller’s investigations. Might have even heard about a mysterious video tape.

    So, when’s that next trip to Moscow?

    • The FBI is in tatters! See I did it again. Here the same propaganda over and over and you start to believe that this is an apple.

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