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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Franschhoek Motor Museum: Holy Beep!

The Franschhoek Motor Museum post is part of the South America & Africa Points Heist Trip Report.

Franschhoek may be famous for its wine but for car lovers, it is famous for the largest collection of motors in the Southern Hemisphere. ‎I randomly learned about this place when I ordered a bottle of Anthony Ruperti’s delicious blend called Optima at a steakhouse in Cape Town. I told the sommelier that I was visiting Franschhoek, and he said that in addition to going to Rupert’s vineyard to go to his motor museum as well.

Appointment Only
The wine guy warned me that visiting was by appointment only. Indeed it is. I emailed to setup an appointment and was told to bring my passport. When I ordered Uber, even the app said ‘by appointment only’. At the gate, the security verified my ID before letting me proceed. Needless to say, security is tight.a white building with white flowers and trees

The Gates of Heaven
I could hardly contain my excitement as ‎I entered the complex. After paying the modest entry fee, I was told to start at the first garage on the left and make my way through the remaining five. The first garage contains the Model T and the chronology of autos continues from there.a green lawn with trees and buildings a white building with plants on the side a large lawn with a tree in front of ita blue car on a white surface a horse carriage in front of a building a red and gold car a red and gold car on displaya room with a group of cars and a sign

Rolls Royce 
The emblem and the grill are timeless.
a car on display in a room a black car on a stand a close up of a car

The Classics
Remember when American cars were cool? a blue car on display

Mandela’s BMW
a black car on a stand

a silver sports car on a white surface a car parked in a showroom

Ferrari Anyone? 
I’m not a Ferrari‎ guy but it was impressive to see a row of red. Most notably, the Ferrari Enzo was on display, a torpedo named after Ferrari’s founder. Here’s a video of how this car shouldn’t be driven.a red sports cars on display in a building a red sports car on a white surface a red sports car on display

Mercedes Chronology
My favorite automaker is Mercedes Benz. It would have been nice if the museum had a curation of SLs or S sedans on display but who can complain about these classics?a black car on display a car on display in a room a close up of a car grill a group of cars in a building

Mercedes Gullwing
A special section is reserved for the most beautiful car in history. You’ll know that TPOL has made it when I have one of these.a painting of a red car on a stand a silver car on a white surface a silver car on display a silver car on a white floor a silver car on a white floor a man standing next to a silver car

One of the best experiences of my trip was going to the museum. Money can’t buy happiness, but it can by fantastic cars.a red car on displaya silver car on a white surface

a blue car with a white roof and a white roof on a driveway
Picture me rollin

Make a reservation by following the procedure on their website.
They rotate the cars every few months so I’ll be visiting again.


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