Free Calls And Free 3G in Hong Kong


My parents always used to take us on trips. They had some weird rules that stick with me to this day.

The weirdest was having to clean the room and make the bed before the maids came because it was shameful to leave a mess behind. The other was to not to use touch anything because hotels will charge you for everything. This went for using the phone, eating Toblerones, and ordering Spectravision.

Today I’m paranoid of the $12 Fiji water, the $15 shot of Jack, and the $20 charge for watching Ride Along at the W hotel. That’s why when I checked in at the Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui I ignored the iPhone like device on the desk.

I suspected the device to be a trap to get me to do all the illicit activities for which my parents warned me in a more expeditious manner only to find that menacing paper under my door the morning of checkout with an outrageous bill that I wouldn’t be able to dispute.

Then I did something I don’t usually do. I read the fine print. In this case it was big print that said “Stay Connected”. I learned that the magical phone allowed guests to freely call their home country AND explore the city with an interactive guide and 3G data.

How outstanding is that? So if you see a call coming your way with an 852 number attached, that’s just me calling to say hello, I love you.




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