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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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How to Explore Hong Kong On Foot: The 7-Eleven Drinking Game

Despite its small size, Hong Kong isn’t the cheapest place to explore. That’s why I’ve come up with this handy guide to explore Hong Kong by foot and have a great time doing so. If you do not like beer, then quit reading now. If you do, then feel free to apply this game to other cities throughout Asia but be wary of the consequences should you try to do it in Taiwan or Thailand.

The name of your tour guide is 7 Eleven. The rules are simple: Leave your hotel and start walking in any direction. As soon as you come across a 7 Eleven, stop in to purchase a beer. In Hong Kong, many beer brands are 2 for the price of one so it helps to have a friend go along with you. Alternatively, it is a great way to meet someone should you find yourself traveling alone.

After purchasing your beer and toasting to a great day in Hong Kong, continue walking while taking in the sights and sounds of this bombastic city. As soon as you come across another 7 Eleven stop in and grab another beer for you and your new friend or devoted travel companion. From there, the game gets a little tricky as you may encounter a 7 Eleven across the street from another 7 Eleven. Now is not the time to practice temperance.

Proceed to the first 7 Eleven and purchase a beer then immediately cross the road and purchase another. If you find yourself understanding the Cantonese neon-lit street signs then you are playing the game correctly. If you find that you are lost, keep walking because your tour guide, 7 Eleven, is only a few more paces away.

The goal is to make it to the harbor of Hong Kong whether you started your tour on Hong Kong Island or Kowloon then make it to the other side only to start over again.

The best part is that the tour will take you to places in Hong Kong that weren’t in your Lonely Planet guide, introduce you to new people who you may not have spoken to in your reserved state, all for less than the cost of a hop on, hop off double-decker bus.

Warning: Your 7 Eleven tour guide is not responsible for the poorly made, badly tailored suit purchased after a few hours on the trail.









  1. Is it really necessary to drink the beer at the 7/11? Since they’re in cans, seems like a good cheap way to replace the minibar offering back at one’s hotel. Happen to have a couple of days in Hong Kong coming up later this month, so thanks for the tip (or should that be tipsy?).

  2. Best guide book I’ve seen so far. The mrs. and I are visiting for the first time next fall, and we shall follow this explicitly!

  3. Ah yes, this brings back fond memories from my trip to HK in September. Favorite part was when you could stand on one of the elevated walk ways and see three 7-11’s and two Circle K’s. One day we played a variation where we walked from point a to point b stoping at 7-11 for….wine…..

    What’s up with Thailand and Taiwan?

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