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Monday, July 22, 2024
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Why Stay at a Hostel in Hong Kong

Two nights at the Hyatt Regency was the proper prescription following the interminable bus ride that was my time in Burma.

Two nights was also enough to know that cash and points isn’t as great a value when the cabrini green housing project known as the Chunking mansions are located next door.

Hyatt goes for $100 a night + a ten percent service charge while your room in the mansion goes for $33 a night (negotiable based on your tolerance of living conditions).

The room is very tolerable. It comes with AC, hot water, WI-FI, and a television. Makes my Mongolia apartment goat herder look like a welfare case.

But the reason I advise to stay in the mansions is because the rooms are very small. They are so small that you have to, hangover or not from playing the 7 Eleven game, leave the room and explore the city.

Much like the two days at the Hyatt, two days at the hostel is all I would advise for your sanity and for your liver.

Here’s the fashionable room worthy of its own hotel review.



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