Happy Festivus! Airing of Points Grievances 2016


Happy Festivus! Festivus 2016 is just as cathartic as it was in 2015. It’s been a good year for TPOL but let me tell you all the ways that airlines, hotel chains, credit card companies, bloggers, and commentators have disappointed me over the last year. This year I’ve added a special section highlighting the very best from trolls on Twitter.

The Banks

The Definitive No from BOA Alaska

I Thought My Alaska Card Was Cancelled!

Approved for a Chase Sapphire? Why That’s A Bad Thing

How Do You Handle Rejection? Another CSR Story

Stiffed Citi AA Exec Bonus Points: Arbitration Right Away?

Peaceful Resolution For My Denied Citi AA Exec Bonus

SPG Refer A Friend: Bonus Paid…9 Months Later

Was I Discriminated Against By US Bank?

The Peaceful Conclusion: US Bank Follows Up

The Hotels

Hyatt Kills Gold Passport

The Hyatt DSU Aftermath

Grand Hyatt DC And My Unintended $80 Wine Bill

M Life Customer Service: Like Searching for a Casino Exit

No AC in Tahiti!

Club Carlson E-Certs: Good Luck Booking!

The Airlines

Captain Obvious: No Domestic Routing Changes Post AA Deval

AA Ticket: Y’all Got Drama, The Saga Continues

Thai Airways from Tahiti: Giveith, Takeith, So I Quitith

Etihad Cancels My Apartment, AA Doesn’t Care

HKG-BKK: AA Bumps Me Down to Business

JetBlue Flight Cancelled: Rebooked a Day Later?

SQ Reclaims KrisFlyer Miles

United Kills Points Travel

When Flight Reservations Disappear

Dear Delta: Why You Gotta Be So Rude?

Aegean Air Bait & Switch: Any Recs?

British Avios Trickeration: No Online S7 Booking, No Cathay, No Dragon

The Trolls

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The Feats of Strengths

I have found the best way to solve many of these problems is by using my law degree. Here are the ways I have helped members of the points community fight back against bank shutdowns, fraudulent purchases, and crappy customer service in small claims, class actions, and arbitration.

The Fine Print: The Successful Fight Against A Citi Shutdown

The Fine Print: The Results Are In!

The Fine Print: Thou Shalt Not Manufacture Spend

The Fine Print: Who’s To Blame…eBay, PayPal, or Hyatt?

The Fine Print: Dynamic Currency Conversion – A Euphemism for Highway Robbery

The Fine Print: Should You Record Your Calls for Quality Assurance?

The Fine Print: Consumer Arbitration — an unfamiliar weapon for battling corporate mischief

Happy Festivus from all the Santacons in NYC!
Happy Festivus from all the Santacons in NYC!


  1. Gotta love the trolls. Those folks you show above are some of the most annoying points folks I’ve seen. Them complaining about anyone else being a braggart is hilarious.

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