Happy New Year! TPOL’s NYC NYE Party Guide


I avoided celebrating New Years in NYC because it is 1) cold and it is 2) for amateurs. Because of the limited travel options due to the pandemic and because I did not want to be stuck in the police state of Puerto Rico for the third year (see Covid Test to Enter Puerto Rico: Another Asinine Policy), I decided that this would be an acceptable addition to my list of Where to Party NYE.

What Not to Do

Watch the ball drop in Times Square. I have written this many times. Times Square is one of the worst places in the world on any given day. Imagine tens of thousands of people on New Years.

What Not to Do/What to Do

Preparing for a long night of libations, it was wise to have a big late lunch. I do not think spicy lamb vindaloo, my favorite Indian dish, was a stomach-settling choice.

TPOL’s Tip: Chote Nawab is located at 115 Lexington Av along with many other Indian restaurants. They are minutes away from the Park South Hotel.

What Not to Do

Watch the College Football Playoffs. Michigan beat Ohio State and I was happy. I did not expect them to thrash Georgia nor did I expect the opposite.

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TPOL’s TIP: A great sports bar not to watch Michigan get destroyed is Turnmill which is located at 119 E 27th St, also close to the Park South Hotel.

What to Do

Book dinner at Gaonnuri. It had been two years since I had Korean BBQ. To remind my taste buds what life was like and to challenge covid which sought to deprive me of my ability to taste, I made reservations at Gaonnuri for NYE. The restaurant featured a 7-course set menu and a high-rise view to watch the fireworks a safe distance from Times Square.

TPOL’s TIP: Gaonnuri is located at 1250 Broadway 39th Floor.


The venue was excellent. It reminded me of Mint Shanghai. While there were no sharks, there was great lighting, music, and an upbeat ambiance.

Nice pre-drink before the meal.
My reserved table


The food was very good. It wasn’t Jongro excellent (see Best Korean BBQ NYC?), but it was hard to compare given that it was a NYE set menu. For some reason, there was no kimchee.


I made a reservation for 10PM. By the time I was done with the second course, a table opened up next to the window, perfectly situated for the countdown.

Back to the Food 


What’s NYE without champagne? I had to buy a bottle of Veuve to remind me of what celebrations feel like.

Happy New Year!

Away from the crowds and the cold, I rang in the New Year.

The Weekend came on when the fireworks were done with a nice tune to start off the new year.

Back to the Food 

Kimchee available upon request


This wasn’t the cheapest affair. The dinner alone was $425. The alcohol was $250.

What to Do

Go towards Times Square. I avoided NYC for NYE my whole life. Since this was the one and only time I would come, I made my way to Times Square to see the revelers. It was still a party when I arrived, though I could not go all the way to 42nd Street.

Officially a tourist

Finish It Off

With omicron on my tail, I went to another pub to test my vaccine. One jaeger bomb and one Guinness made this NYE celebration in NYC complete.

TPOL’s TIP: Peter Dillon’s Pub is located at 130 E 40th St.


NYC was on the bottom of my list for places to go for NYE. Thanks to Covid restrictions, it was my only choice. And it was the right one.

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