On Holiday? Don’t Check the Weather


Greetings from the Caymans. I woke up a bit tardy today and it’s because I violated my own rule and checked the weather yesterday. Nothing is worse than arriving at a tropical paradise to encounter clouds, wind, and rain. The pictures come out terrible and the value of the trip takes a major hit. The wrong thing to do in reaction to a stormy day is to check the weather. Not once has the next day been sun with a 100% chance of tranquility. Instead, it usually shows scattered showers and partly cloudy. The rest of the day is spent checking the report again and telling yourself that the hint of a sun in the party cloudy graphic means mostly sunny.

This happened to me when I arrived in Bora Bora. It was rainy and the forecast said no sun until the day I left. Of course it did. This negative report has something to do with my negative experience at the hotel.

Yesterday, I made the same mistake and today I could not find the motivation to get out of the comfortable Marriott bed. I kept imagining the dark beach and tidal waves hitting the pool, so much so that I thought I was awake.

Of course when I finally woke up, I saw nothing but blue skies and clear water.(after I left the courtyard view room) Pina colada in hand and smuggled bottle of rum, I am now doing my best to catch up on my sun.

And now this picture of sun and fun:


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