Zika in Miami: My Mom Says Be Careful


En route to Miami, I received a text from my mother telling me that the first Zika mosquito has been found there. She then told me to be careful. ‎I couldn’t help but laugh at that advice. Maybe Zika could become a serious problem but I’m not sure what I can do to protect myself. Perhaps I should purchase extra strong Deet.

When I went to Thailand for the first time my doctor prescribed anti Malaria medication. Malaria is no joke but I risked it because I couldn’t be bothered to take the pills. At least these pills were not the ones that produce hallucinations.

From hurricane warnings to terrorist threats to killer bees, it’s a wonder that anyone would dare leave the basement.  For me, the opposite is true. I’ve been desensitized to the headlines that I go where I please, regardless of pesky mosquitos. ‎IMG_20160831_132703

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