If You’re Traveling with a Note 7…


From Abu Dhabi to NYC to Minneapolis, the warnings have been loud and clear: if you’re traveling with a Samsung Note 7 it has to be switched off, it cannot be charged, and it cannot be in airplane mode. There’s a well-known fire safety issue with the device that Samsung is trying to fix with a software upgrade.

As I prepare to take off once again, my question is how big of a concern should this be? What if someone ignores the instructions or did not hear the directions or does not speak English and leaves the device on?

Surely, it can’t be that big of a risk if this is the only precaution that is being taken.


  1. I’m not sure what more you’re expecting to be done here. They aren’t going to start checking every cell phone brought onboard a plane. In addition to that impossible task of checking every phone, new non-explodey Note 7s are already being sold again. So it would be near impossible for the average flight attendant to tell the difference between a recalled Note 7 and and non-recalled one (a green battery symbol instead of white). I’ve heard a lot of the announcements just say “Samsung 7 phones” which isn’t even a phone.
    I had an old Note 7 that I exchanged for a loaner S7 Edge. I want to switch back (the Note 7 is an awesome phone) now that they fixed the battery but would like to not get hassled whenever I’m on a plane just because of my phone.

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