Breaking News: TPOL’s Headed Back Home 


Months were spent trying to secure a flight flying first on Etihad. Now, the time has finally come to take that flight. It’s bittersweet that I leave Amman, Jordan for Abu Dhabi. Having been on the road since the end of August, I was almost ready to go home. Bouts of travel depression came and went as I questioned the point of bouncing from one city to the next. Then I visited Petra and the Dead Sea and realized how dumb I was for feeling sorry for myself. Now, I do not want to go home and would like to continue exploring the Middle East. Alas, there are no Apartment flights available.

Many have written about the emptiness that comes from traveling too much and the anxiety from the lack of normalcy. Daily blogging and going to the gym have been replaced by daily drinking and overeating. Getting back home will restore this sense of order until new anxiety sets in from being immobile. Fortunately, I have an epic journey of 20 hours in Cathay first to Bangkok this December to keep me warm. That and the ability to watch college football at a normal hour make this temporary pause in my nomadic lifestyle tolerable.

Breaking news: TPOL and TOJ headed home


  1. I think it would be interesting to read your thoughts on the travel depression (I guess I could just google about it). So many people here romanize travel when there are some bad times too. Anyhow I applaud you for sharing a small insight of the “real” that comes along with us point travelers

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