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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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End of the Line: Slingbox in Cyprus

End of the line $!@t. A crazy twist to the end of Vice Principals season one capped off a weird HBO show. The season finale of Ballers wasn’t as memorable.

What does this have to do with travel? I was able to watch both shows from Cyprus despite my hotel room not having more than a couple English channels. Indeed, the last two did not have CNN International, providing the necessary break from vanity. As was the case when I lived in Mongolia, I relied on my Slingbox to come through. Apps like HBOGo, Watch ESPN, and Xfinity do not work in most places outside of the US. It may be possible to use a VPN to gain access but with terrible Internet speeds, I’m not sure how well it would stream.

SlingPlayer works anywhere in the world and provides the same functionality as if I was sitting in front of my own TV at home. In this case, I used the Sling app, to connect to the On Demand content. Last week in St. Petersburg, I watched Michigan squeak by Colorado at dinner by streaming the game on my Blackberry which has unlimited international 4G data. Interestingly, my T-Mobile phone with EDGE data roaming was also able to stream the game, though the reliability of it connecting at high speeds was inconsistent.

Slingbox continues to be one of the most underrated devices. I’ve been using it for seven years and still love it. It is an indispensable tool for expats and those who travel frequently. ‎

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Go Blue! From St. Petersburg


  1. If you are able to stream Sling, those same speeds would work for the other apps you mentioned as well. 😉 If you were referring to the VPN, most good ones are able to stream through at high speeds as well.

    • The sling works but it’s fragile. Those apps won’t work outside US and when I used my VPN in China it was choppy. 2016 and still there’s not a great solution.

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