“It Is a Complete Scam.”: TPOL Is Quoted in the NYT


I’m hitting all the big news outlets that a certain someone loves to hate. Who can forget my appearance on CNN? I’ll never let that fifteen minutes of fame or infamy go (see TPOL Replay on CNN Business Traveller!). The latest is my quote in the NYT in an article called, “How to Avoid Being Fleeced When Using a Credit Card Overseas“. The journalist, The Fine Print: Dynamic Currency Conversion – A Euphemism for Highway Robbery“. While I expected more than a single line to be quoted, as my friend said, “That one sentence sums up the angry Alex we all know and love”:

Lawyer✔️ Blog ✔️ “It’s a scam.” ✔️

Ego aside, give the article a read. It’s a nice piece. And remember to always ask to be charged in local currency!



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