Simply The Best: September 2019


I was in Bhutan pursuing happiness so I shirked my blogging duties. That was part of the ANA, Take Me ‘Round the World which has been written and will be published daily. Here are the best posts from September:

  1. Travel Planning: Check Prices Or Just Go?

    Looking back, I’m glad I didn’t check prices because I don’t think I could have rationalized how much I spend and may have skipped the trip altogether.

2. Porto Cervo, Sardinia: My Yacht Is Bigger

I don’t know how someone legally accumulates enough wealth to get a yacht, but I can assure you that blogging is not the way to do it.

3. TPOL’s Best Travel Advice: Stick to the Plan!

TPOL’s Travel Philosophy is to stay in a city for 3 to 4 days. Accordingly, there’s no reason to change the plan. Worst case, I’m stuck in Sardinia looking at beautiful yachts for an extra day, or I’m stuck in Marrakech eating goat brain one more time.

4. Hotel Cervo: Luxury in the City Center

There are four Luxury Collection hotels in Sardinia. At 700 euros a night, Hotel Cervo is the most affordable of all them. If you don’t have the stomach to pay that, for 60k Bonvoy points, you too can stay in the city center.

5. Who’s on Instagram? Let’s Meet Around the World

If you are a TPOL fan, follow me @thepointsoflife on IG or @thepointsoflife for Twitter and I’ll follow back.

6. Rip-off Alert: $700 NY Hotel Room = $20 Vodka Soda

New York should stop scamming tourists and business travelers by charging extortionate prices for standard rooms and pretending it’s a function of supply and demand. In the end, a vodka soda is a vodka soda. It’s not champagne.

7. Hotel Luci di la Muntagna: My Other Hotel in Porto Cervo

I should’ve taken more photos because I ended up writing a hotel review despite having no intention of doing so.



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