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Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Hotel Luci di la Muntagna: My Other Hotel in Porto Cervo

Hotel Luci di la Muntagna Hotel Review is part of the ANA, Take Me ‘Round the World Trip Report.

I typically don’t review non-brand hotels because there are so many of them and this is a points blog. I also do not receive upgrades at non-brand hotels and typically come away thinking that I overspent and received nothing more than a bed (see Frontier Hotel Darwin: My Case for Hostels). Finally, I skip writing a review of non-brand hotels because it is the one break I have from my blog duties that require me to take a picture of the pillows and the toilet.

Having said that, I decided to write a review of the Hotel Luci di la Muntagna.  I am doing this not to show you the photos of my double room dungeon, but to private a reasonable alternative for those in need of housing in Porto Cervo who do not have the means for a yacht (see Sardinia: The Isola of Expensive Taxis) and aren’t crazy enough to spend thousands a night.


I spent 500 euros for two nights. I showed the front desk the rate which was 523 and they beat that price.


Not in blog documenting mode, I didn’t take photos of the bar. Fortunately, I have my priorities in order and did take a photo of the best negroni I have had in my long time on this earth (see Negroni! Social Drinking in Milan). TPOL will be researching the best gins for making negroni for when you are invited on my yacht.a glass with a drink and a leaf on it


Usually when you read that breakfast is included, you should expect to be disappointed (see again Frontier Hotel Darwin: My Case for Hostels). Here, the food was good but the view was even better.a pool and boats in a harbor


Like the Hotel Cervo, the concierge here was very helpful. She planned my trip to WHITEbeachclub (see Porto Cervo Travel Guide) which included a taxi to the port, transportation to and from, and the pick up ride with my final stop at the airport. The stress of logistics was finally handled by someone else.a group of boats in the water


There are days you don’t feel like exploring. That is forgivable. Those days are best spent at the pool.a pool with a building in the background


Non-brand hotels don’t always have great Wi-Fi. Here, it was seamless.


The room wasn’t great but the rain shower was. Again, my non-brand experience is usually a pathetic shower with no pressure and intermittent hot water.


And the final reason you should stay at Hotel Luci di la Muntagna is the location. It’s within walking distance to the city center, and it’s near all the bars and restaurants. a large body of water with boats and buildings in the background


I should’ve taken more photos because I ended up writing a post despite having no intention of doing so.


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