Hotel Cervo: Luxury in the City Center


Hotel Cervo Hotel Review is part of the ANA, Take Me ‘Round the World Trip Report.

Getting There: Pay the 80 euros and have the hotel pick you up. It’s cheaper than taking a taxi (see Sardinia: The Isola of Expensive Taxis).

There are four Luxury Collection hotels in Sardinia. At 700 euros a night, Hotel Cervo is the most affordable of all them. If you don’t have the stomach to pay that, for 60k Bonvoy points, you too can stay in the city center.

City Center

Hotel Cervo is literally situated in the city center which is a small semicircle of restaurants and bars.

City Center

Porto Cervo

Visit the actual port to see yachts that are indescribable (see Porto Cervo, Sardinia: My Yacht Is Bigger).

Checking In

As upscale as Porto Cervo is, there’s nothing presumptuous about the Hotel Cervo. At check in, I was told that I was double upgraded to one of only four rooms with a view of the marina and city center.


An appropriate way to describe my room is “charming.” It looks like an apartment from the movies.


And there it was, the city center and the marina. That’s as good a location as you’ll get if you want to boast that you are staying in Porto Cervo.

And by night


The pink tiles were a nice touch but I didn’t care for the bathtub shower.


The concierge was fantastic. They recommended where to go out and helped me compose my Porto Cervo Travel Guide.

Phi Beach was a solid recommendation

Private Beach

Visitors to Sardinia quickly learn the best way to see Sardinia beaches is by having a boat. I did not have one. The hotel did and it whisked me away to its own private beach. It was a great place to spend a day after a long, long evening out.

My boat
Their boat

My home
Their home

Hotel Bar

Just to be part of the action and appreciate how close I was to the city center, I had a glass of wine at the hotel bar. The price of the piña colada was ridiculous.

My room on the left above the bar


I couldn’t afford to pay cash for the second night and believe I came out ahead in terms of points value by only staying one night.

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  1. “Charming” might be generous. I’d probably go with quaint. Still, if you’re staying at 700 Euro a night places, props, you’re moving up in the world. Since you’re now a pina colada connoisseur, how did it match up, being the cheapest item on the menu?

    • Charming is appropriate. Quaint means you only like modern and that there was something to be desired. Didn’t try the pina colada, who would pay 27 euros!

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