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Friday, July 19, 2024
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Who’s on Instagram? Let’s Meet Around the World

I am a self-proclaimed celebrity. I like to believe that everyone knows my blog. This delusion of grandeur is not completely fictitious. Over the years, I have met up with readers around the globe. Once I met with a reader in Guangzhou. By coincidence, I shared a ride from the airport with a reader in Tahiti. Another time, I met a reader in the Cathay Lounge. At the Hyatt Regency Mexico City, I shared drinks and points stories with a reader. At the Aloft Bangkok, I traded MS secrets with another reader. Yet another time, I met whom I thought were nice people at a Centurion Lounge, only to have them talk shit about me on Twitter following my CNN interview with Richard Quest. My favorite is running into a fellow Michigan grad on my home golf course in Puerto Rico.

If you are a TPOL fan, follow me @thepointsoflife on IG or @thepointsoflife for Twitter and I’ll follow back. That way if we are at the same place at the same time, we can meet up. If you’re not a fan of TPOL, do the same. I would love to meet the angry trolls as well. I doubt they can keep up the act in person.

Be sure to Tweet, leave a comment on a photo, or send a DM, so I know you’re not a bot!

glasses of juice and a passport on a table in an airplane
See you somewhere soon.


      • It’s not for business. So many people that I see travel do so for business, but not for fun. The best part of traveling is exploring, Instead of doing it because that’s your daily grind. I fly anywhere between 40 and 70,000 miles a year for fun, rather than because I’m forced to, and that makes me appreciate it so much more!

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