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Friday, July 19, 2024
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Simply The Best: August 2019

It’s September and I’ve moved back to Shanghai during hurricane season. This transition and my laziness are the reasons why I didn’t blog as much as I have promised to do (see TPOL Opens M-F at 10:07AM EST and TPOL Alive & Well Thanks to Astrill VPN). While not as frequent, there were some badass posts in August.

  1. United Polaris EWR-BRU: The Horror Show!

    a man wearing a mask on his face
    In terms of lie-flat, long-haul flights, this was the worst I have taken.
  2. Delta’s Website: The Phantom Of the Opera

    a screenshot of a computer
    Nice try buddy, we are Delta and we can do whatever we want i.e., we don’t guarantee bookings until they are ticketed. Sorry you foolishly transferred 28k Amex points to top off your worthless Delta account.
  3. Brussels Airlines THE LOFT Lounge: Buffet of Beers

    a row of glasses of beer
    It was worth enduring garbage Polaris to connect in BRU for some brus.
  4. United Polaris: Best US Carrier Lounge by Default

    a group of airplanes parked on a runway
    The United Polaris lounge is a solid lounge for spending a day. It is far better than any Centurion Lounge, and besides the cutlery and Krug in AA Flagship, it is better than the AA Flagship. Since Delta Sky Clubs are unimpressive, United wins the award for best US carrier lounge by default.
  5. Lufthansa Business MUC-OLB: Where’s OLB?

    a group of people in a terminal
    Finally, the Flight Review all of you have been waiting for: MUC to OLB.
  6. Prestige 4th Night Free: My Last Great Use

    a group of tall buildings
    With twelve nights left in Shanghai, I made 3 reservations at 3 different Marriott hotels.
  7. Relax, Gate Info Coming

    a sign with text and numbers on it
    Do you have the same paralyzing fear at airports? Or am I alone on this?



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