Prestige 4th Night Free: My Last Great Use


Prestige 4th Night Free is part of the TPOL in Shanghai Trip Report.

As part of my ANA, Take Me ‘Round the World Trip, I stopped in Shanghai for a few weeks. I thought I could get an Airbnb and live out my expat dream. That was a disaster (see I Hate Airbnb). I found a decent landing spot at the U Hotel Xintiandi minus the turtle speed WiFi. Making due with my overpriced accommodations, I was almost ready to declare this expat experiment a bust in terms of accommodations. At 5AM I woke up in a panic having realized that I may have overlooked a great solution: Citi’s 4th Night Free.

The Citi Prestige allows cardholders to use the 4th night free perk an unlimited amount of times. It also allows cardholders to call the concierge and make bookings instead of doing it online. These benefits, along with using special rates and most importantly receiving elite benefits, will be gone come September 1st (see AWFUL Citi Prestige Fourth Night Free Change).

With twelve nights left, I made 3 reservations at 3 different Marriott hotels. Although I paid a much higher rate than Airbnb, I did save a significant amount using this benefit. I am also happy to spend the extra yuan to stay in a proper place. Next time around this benefit will not exist as Citi caps its use to twice a year, leaving me at the mercy of shady realtors to find me a serviced apartment.

I’ll take all 3



  1. I had the impression you were a smart guy. Why would you subject yourself to “leaving me at the mercy of shady realtors to find me a serviced apartment.” What kind of an idiot are you that you wouldn’t look for a reputable realtor instead of a shady one? Unless of course you are a shady blogger who loves to work with shady people. SMH

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