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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Sardinia: The Isola of Expensive Taxis

Sardinia Taxis is part of the ANA, Take Me ‘Round the World Trip Report.

Sardinia is not cheap. Indeed, it has the most expensive real estate in Europe. I expected to pay a lot for everything. What I didn’t expect was how much taxis cost. There is no Uber in Sardinia, and there is little negotiation when it comes to taxis (see Sharm el-Sheikh Taxi: For 40, I Bring You Camel, Tomorrow). The hotel told me that private transport from the airport would be 80 euros, but I thought I could receive a better deal by negotiating since hotel transfers are usually a ripoff (see Why Hotels Don’t List Airport Transport Options). I ended up paying 93 euros and was not happy about it.

The gouging didn’t stop there. Want to go one mile to a nightclub? That is 30 euros (negotiable to 20). Want to go to the beach? That will be 40 euros one way. Then it’s another 10 euros to take a dingy to the beach.The alternative is to rent a car which I do not recommend if you’re going to enjoy libations during your stay.

The best way to see Sardinia is to charter a yacht, though if you’re outraged by fuel surcharges on BA, you’ll be traumatized by the cost of fuel for a boat.

Super yacht price: $300,000,000

Petrol: $500,000


Don’t feel bad about spending money on taxis in Sardinia. It’s a necessity, especially if you’re traveling alone.

a large white boat on the water
Water taxi


  1. What’s wrong with renting a car and driving yourself? Much more convenient and based on your experience, a lot cheaper too. Given that even some no annual fee credit cards offer primary rental car insurance abroad it makes it a no brainer to me. Yes, traffic is a little different in Italy than the US but I found driving in Sardinia to me the most pleasant in all of Italy.

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