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Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Porto Cervo, Sardinia: My Yacht Is Bigger

Sardinia Yachts is part of the ANA, Take Me ‘Round the World Trip Report.

If you’re looking to feel poor, go to Dubai. If you are ready to accept that you are not among the super rich, go to Porto Cervo. The nice thing about Porto Cervo is that everyone on holiday is friendly. My explanation for this is that no one has to be presumptuous because there is always someone there with a bigger yacht. Indeed, I was told that one of the biggest yachts in the world which can only dock in two locations was cruising the Sardinia waters when I was there.a group of boats in a harbor a pool and boats in a harbor

While you can see the yachts docked next to each other on the marina, to appreciate their glamour, you have to see them on the water. To truly appreciate them, you have to be on board, something I could not manage to do.a group of people on a dock next to a boat a group of boats in the water a boat tied to a dock a group of white boats in the water

I saw yachts with jet skis. I saw yachts with secondary boats that would serve just fine as my primary boat. I saw yachts with fun watersides. I also saw yachts with helicopters. Sometimes it was difficult to know if the boat was a private yacht or military vessel.a large white boat on the water

Curious, I asked what one of these mega yachts cost. I was told that they can go for $300,000,000 and, if you can afford that, be sure to save another $500,000 for fueling.a group of boats in the water

I don’t know how someone legally accumulates enough wealth to get a yacht, but I can assure you that blogging is not the way the way to do it (see “Click Here!” How Blogs Make $).




    • Haha well thank you. I cant be bothered to take 100 pictures of a hotel room but I have cursed myself by writing about everything I do.

  1. “how someone legally accumulates enough wealth to get a yacht”

    They don’t. There is literally no way to accumulate that kind of wealth without doing something dodgy. And if you needed to buy a politician to change the law so that whatever it is that makes the money is “lawful”, you’ve already lost the plot.

  2. If you really want to be awed by the size of yachts, go to Malta. One of the yachts in the port in Valletta was literally the size of the fort it was parked next to. Also, the Maltese Falcon was in port while I was there, which is the most interesting one I’ve ever seen.

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