Frontier Hotel Darwin: My Case for Hostels


Darwin Frontier Hotel Review is part of the TPOL Down Under Trip Report.

I stayed at the DoubleTree Darwin and paid $85 in cash because the points redemption was not a good value. After paying another $100 to stay at the novel Crocodile Hotel, I decided to cut back on my spending and find an economical accommodation in Darwin. In retrospect, I probably should’ve stayed at a hostel for next to nothing. The hostels in Darwin are located right on the main street across from Crocosaurus Cove: THE CAGE OF DEATH! and are adequate if you’re just looking for a place to crash. While not the cheapest option, the Frontier Hotel was a still a decent deal at $90 for 2 nights.

The bed was comfortable, the TV was bigger than the DoubleTree, and the air conditioning worked well.

The WiFi was marginal reinforcing that I should’ve stayed at the hostel which tend to have reliable WiFi given the clientele.

It’s wasn’t a glamorous bathroom but the water was hot and the soap was provided, something that some hostels do not offer.

Like the DoubleTree, the hotel had a nice pool.

Or Frontier: Save your cash and stay at a hostel.

Unlike the DoubleTree, the breakfast was not good. There was a trough of cereal and half gallons of orange juice and water. It was served in a dark crowded room with a sad group of people who wished they had opted to use their points at one of the Darwin Hiltons. Scared of an angry backlash, I decided not to take photos. Feel free to use your imagination and visualize the scene.

As long as there is WiFi, a mattress, working AC and hot water, I am fine staying and not paying more than I must.

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