Keep Vs. Cancel: AAdvantage Aviator


$95 for a card that I never use. This seemed like a no brainer in the Keep Vs. Cancel process. Last year I spent 2k on annual fees. This year I want to spend less. I called up Barclays and said I wanted to cancel. After a brief hold, I was told that they would waive the $95 fee and that I would receive 5k AAdvantage miles if I spent 1k in 3 months. Obviously, I took the offer. Score one for Barclays!



    • Good point and for good reason. I was supposed to get 10k miles after spending $750 a month for 3 months. It never posted and they’re still investigating it. After that’s resolved then I will consider closing it. At the same time, Barclays hates if you churn too hard.

  1. I pay the $95 annual fee for three reasons: 1) I was converted to the Aviator card from the old US Airways card and get 10,000 AAdvantage miles every time I renew; 2) I get “preferred” boarding on American flights; and 3) I get offered some valuable promotions almost every year. More than once I have been offered 15,000 miles for a reasonable spend. If they keep this up, I will continue to keep the card. If they do not, it is great to learn that they sometimes waive the fee–thanks for sharing!

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