Korean Air Won’t Refund My $


This may be a case for the sleuth Elliott.org because all my time and energy has been wasted trying to get a refund from Korean Air.

Here’s the story: I boarded the plane and asked for macadamia nuts. Hold up, timb stop. I said this anotha memorial
For makaveli and big pop.

Last year as part of the Mongolia debacle I had to leave for a visa run to Seoul, Korea to stay at the Aloft Gangnam, op, op, op, op. I booked a one way ticket departing on November 14, 2014. I then called, cancelled, and booked a round trip departing on the same date. I never received a refund for the initial one way ticket despite cancelling, calling Korean Air over and over, and disputing the charge with Barclays.

Korean Air keeps saying they have no proof of me ever cancelling. Trying to be the voice of reason, I inquire as to why I would book two tickets departing on the same day from the same origin to the same destination. It simply makes no sense. I’m not a portly man so I don’t require an extra seat. Clearly, one was meant to be cancelled.

I tried calling Korean Air three days ago and got into a shouting match with the representative who finally passed me onto the manager who said within 48 hours it would be resolved. Mind you, the same promise was made in February regarding this matter. I followed up with an email today and am awaiting a response.

What choice do I have but to write this post and hope that the social media gods smile warmly upon me and grant me this reasonable request. It’s not like I’m asking anyone to kneel down before me and ask for forgiveness.

Korean Air: Excellence in Flight, Lousy in Customer Service 




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